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Why the Ceiling Tiles Market is on the Rise

If you’ve been considering which building materials to invest in this season, some recent developments in the construction market will give you a few good reasons to buy ceiling tiles.

  • Rising construction demand: As the effects of the global recession wears off, the construction industry continues to pick up steam. Many new and renovated buildings will soon require ceiling tiles. The commercial sector is showing the strongest demand for ceiling tiles, with the industrial sector close behind.
  • Financial benefits: Ceiling tile manufacturers have been lowering the cost of production through improved waste management, such as carbon reduction. The improving development of production processes makes tile an increasingly cost-effective material to use when finishing a ceiling.
  • Green building growth: The use of eco-friendly building material continues to gain popularity. It’s supported by government incentives and consumers learning the importance of LEED, Green Globes, and other green building certifications. Tiles made of recycled material or sustainable products, such as cork, fit into this trend perfectly.

If these factors have given you enough reasons to buy ceiling tiles, contact us at Conestoga Tile. We’ll help you find the tiles you need at our showrooms in Baltimore, Maryland; Sterling, Virginia; and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.