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Why Should You Choose a High Performance Grout for Your Next Tile Project?

Tile floors and walls have long been a popular feature of homes all across America, and as advances in technology lead to better quality products, the use of tile will continue to increase.

One common complaint of homeowners or those with tile floors and walls within their building is the how quickly the tile grout can become dingy, as well as how difficult it can be to keep the grout looking as clean as it looked the day it was installed. This is because many have chosen to use an economy-grade grout, usually a cement-based product that isn’t as durable, in the joints surrounding their brand new tile. This can be a disservice to home and property owners when you consider that most quality tile jobs should or could last 40 years or more – even longer for wall installations! To spend money on a professionally installed, high-performing tile that is easy to maintain and virtually shows no wear, and then surround it with a grout that doesn’t have a similar performance level can lead to dissatisfaction in the long run.

Fortunately, grout technology has improved a great deal in the last five years or so, and several high-performance grouts have been introduced to the market in recent years. Conestoga Tile’s primary product that fits this category is Laticrete Spectralock. High-performance grouts like Spectralock are easy to clean, offer true color consistency, and since they are very dense, they also have a high degree of stain resistancy, too.

If your professionally installed tile job is designed to last for many years to come, why would you opt for a grout that won’t?

If you are curious to know more about the benefits of high-performance grouts like Spectralock, contact Conestoga Tile today at 888-415-5689. We will be happy to share more information about quality products like this with you.

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