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What New Homeowners Want in Their Kitchens

Remodeling your kitchen is hardly ever a bad idea. It will make your cooking areas more functional while allowing you to update your kitchen to something potential home buyers might want. However, if you’re not up to date on the trends and don’t know what potential buyers are looking for, making the wrong decision is easy.

Use these tips to make sure you upgrade a kitchen the right way to boost the value of your home:

  • New countertops. It’s probably not a surprise, but current, high-quality countertops are a top pick for people looking to buy a hole. Update your countertops before you do anything else in your kitchen if you’re looking to sell.
  • Eco-friendly products. Many home buyers are looking for homes built with eco-friendly materials – even down to the paint. Keep your kitchen green to attract potential buyers who will pay more for your home.
  • Up-to-date appliances. Stainless steel is still a hugely popular choice for potential buyers, and up-to-date appliances are a big draw.
  • Color schemes that aren’t too bold. You might love that orange paint, but most buyers prefer simplicity and tranquility in the kitchen.

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