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What Goes into Making Quality Ceramic Tile?

how ceramic tile is madeHave you ever wondered how ceramic tile is made? It’s really a simple process that creates a resilient product that can stand up to everything you might ask of it. Of all the materials we use in the tile industry, this product is one of the most desirable because of its beauty and durability.

Ceramic tile is essentially clay that has been shaped, glazed, and then baked at high temperature. It starts off as wet clay that is set within a wooden mold and pressed into the correct shape.

As it dries, it is frequently pressed (using hydraulic pressure) with a custom tile pattern before being placed within a brick kiln to be fired. The pressing removes most of the moisture within the clay, while the firing removes the rest and solidifies the clay into its permanent shape. When it’s removed from the kiln, pigments and glazes are applied, then the tiles are placed back inside the kiln for a final firing and drying process of the material.

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