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“We Build American” Manufacturers Adds Florida Tile

Exciting news for tile contractors: the national initiative “We Build America” has added Florida Tile Company to their list of manufacturers, supporting and encouraging homeowners, builders, and remodelers, to use American-made building materials and supplies.

Started in January, 2013, the initiative now has 180 American companies on the list, now including one of the largest tile producers: U.S. based Florida Tile.

Florida Tile

Source: Florida Tile

Conestoga, a family-owned distributor since 1958, is dedicated to helping clients make an informed decision on selecting the best quality tile products for the most reasonable price. That’s why Florida Tile is our largest tile dealer, now holding the prestigious label: We Build America.”

American-made supplies for home building and remodeling projects are reputed for being of the highest quality and performance. Using superior materials can provide faster installation time, lowering labor costs, and provide a final product that lasts longer.

Durability is an important factor in tile performance, which is guaranteed of the highest caliber with  Florida Tile. Best of all, buying American-made building materials helps support our national economy.

Call us today for more information, or visit one of our three showrooms in Baltimore, Harrisburg, and Sterling, Virginia to learn more about Conestoga Tile’s other American-made tile contractor products.