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Trends from 2015 That Are Here to Stay



There are some trends that made a big splash in 2015 and are here to stay for 2016. Find out what trends you can keep using without feeling dated.

Brass has made a comeback. It was popular in the 80’s, then in the 90’s and then made another come back last year. The flashy, ornate style of brass is still out but clean and classic brass hardware is here to stay this year. Brass brightens up a space and adds a luxurious feel.

The Edison-style bulb became widely popular last year, when certain types of lighting fixtures required it, for a rustic/Industrial look. This style of bulb is now meant to be seen. Individuals have always loved the golden glow that incandescent bulbs cast, while LED and fluorescents have a tendency to feel cold. Incandescent bulbs were superseded by energy saving alternatives, however, at MIT, a low energy, incandescent bulb was created. This type of bulb will hopefully become wildly popular in the near future!

The look of reclaimed wood is still popular in 2016. However, with the scarcity of material and the challenges in upkeep, porcelain tile designed to look like reclaimed wood has made the material even more attractive to many.  Many styles are available, mimicking various tree species and finishes.  This material can transform any space and feel warm and inviting and can be used on floors or walls.. It is no surprise that it is sticking around this year.

Millwork is still popular this year. This feature is unlikely to go out of style anytime soon. Detailed crown molding paired with chunky base boards, adds a polished look that completes a space. Millwork and moldings are details that highlight any interior. This trend is more than likely a classic, that will be around for many years to come.

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