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Tiles Make a Great Addition to Any Room

Tile is fast becoming a go-to material when it comes to designing a room. And why not? Unlike many other forms of flooring, tiling provides a variety of options, comes in a number of shapes and sizes, and extenuates vibrant colors without the mess of paint.

When meditating on the type of flooring you should install in a room, it is important to address each room separately. Check out these ways that tile can be used in lieu of traditional flooring materials.

Entryway and Living Room — Both the entryway and living room do well with classic styles. Natural and neutral tones provide an evergreen design option in these rooms. In place of wood flooring, consider tiles which convincingly mimic the look, but provide a much more resilient material.

Kitchen — The appeal of a kitchen can greatly be heightened with the use of tiling. Using tiles in this location require a careful review of the material being used. For instance, ceramic tiles may be beautiful, but it will appear be cold and unwelcome during winter.

Bedroom — It can be very tempting to splash vibrant colors into the bedroom, but restraint is best. Colorful tiles are appealing, but the age and future changes in tastes should be taken into consideration. If you’re trying not to overpower a room, consider tile backsplashes and wall accents.

Bathrooms — There is no place to go wild with tile like the bathroom. Depending on your style and preference,  bathroom decorating can be taken to another level with a wide variety of colored and patterned tiling.

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