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Terra Green Ceramics: The Green Choice in Ceramic Tile

TerraGreen Ceramics: The Green Choice in Ceramic Tile

Source: Terra Green Ceramics

There are plenty of ways to “go green” when designing your new home or remodeling an old residence. However, a commonly overlooked aspect of sustainable building are the tiles. Whether it’s the kitchen, bathroom, or another room, green tiling can go a long way for the look and sustainability of your home.

If you’re wondering what eco-friendly tile would work best, Terra Green Ceramics has been producing and distributing eco-friendly ceramic tile options for 40 years. So, they were well ahead of this modern trend.

Each tile is manufactured with at least 55% recycled glass, reducing the carbon footprint and energy consumption of their finished products. Even still, they carry many diverse lines with unique traits to suit any room’s motif. Terra Green strives to make choosing green materials a classy choice instead of a sustainable sacrifice.

On top of everything, all of their products have been certified by Scientific Certifications Systems, the most prestigious independent certification institution in the United States. They take the environment seriously, both the world of nature and the ambiance of your home.

Even if building green isn’t important to you, taking a look at Terra Green’s product catalog may have you finding something that just can’t be found elsewhere. There’s no limit to what you can do with a good tile.

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