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Supplier Spotlight: Aqua Mix

This month, we would like to place the spotlight on our primary supplier of care and maintenance products for tile, natural stone, and grout – Aqua Mix.

Aqua Mix was founded in the 1980s by an entrepreneurial tile contractor based in California named Manuel Magallanes. It only took a short time for his business to begin expanding into a number of products, and eventually became one of the most recognized brands of care products in our industry. Tile distributors like ourselves have embraced the brand, which offers fantastic technical support and marketing support materials. During the mid 2000s, Aqua Mix was purchased by Custom Building Products and remains one of their brands today, still operating under the name of Aqua Mix.

In addition to the variety of care and maintenance supplies Aqua Mix offers, the brand also has several problem solving products in its array of offerings. Below is a listing of some of the brand’s care and maintenance and problem solving products include the following:

Aqua Mix Aquashield Cleaner & Resealer: A ready-to-use product that cuts through grease, dirt, and soap scum. It won’t damage stone, grout, or tile and contains a sealer that will reseal as it cleans.

Aqua Mix Grout Deep Clean: This cleaner will remove grease, food stains, hard water deposits, and more from grout joints. It restores color and is appropriate for use in heavily soiled areas.

Aqua Mix Brilliance: This product is a polishing cream and cleaner that adds luster to polished natural stone surfaces like countertops and walls. It is designed to protect polished stone with repeated use.

Aqua Mix Grout Release: This product is a temporary, water soluble, pre-grout coating that offers protection against grout and mortar staining. It also helps ease the grout cleanup process.

Aqua Mix Ex-Treme: Aqua Mix Ex-Treme is cleaner created to remove years of discoloration accumulated from air pollution, smoke stains, soot, red soil, and even rust.

Here at Conestoga Tile, we believe in offering only the best in tile products, as well as care, maintenance, and problem solving products, and Aqua Mix is certainly among the best. Please contact us at 888-415-5689 for more information.

Images from the Aqua Mix website.