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Refresh Your Walls by Thinking Outside of the Box

* Photo Credit: Mother Hubbards Custom Cabinetry, Mechanicburg, PA

Whether you have just purchased a new house or you want to make over the walls in your current and much-loved home, it’s a good thing to keep an open mind. Instead of simply new wallpaper or a fresh coat of paint, think about turning this very necessary part of your living space into something that will command attention all on its own.  Read on for a few interesting suggestions for personalizing the walls in your home. Consider this an opportunity to let your personality shine through with your material choices.


Tile is a wonderful choice for an accent wall.  Tile is extremely durable, easy to clean, and, thanks to amazing advances in production capabilities, it is available in numerous styles and finishes.  Here are just a few of your many options:


Stone or Brick-Look Tile Accent Wall

To create an earthy feel in your home, try an accent wall of stone or brick-look tile. Using these materials will give the room a more rustic look and bring that calming feeling that being in nature gives you right back into your home. Go full coverage from floor to ceiling for a real show-stopping look.


Reclaimed Wood-Look Tile

Reclaimed wood-look tile is another great natural material choice to use to really give your interior that farmhouse or cottage look.  The difference in the color of each panel not only tells a story but adds character to your walls. Installing reclaimed wood automatically adds history and a sense of charm to an otherwise simple and utilitarian part of your home.


Glass Tile

Don’t let the backsplash be the only spot in your home to benefit from the beauty of glass tile.  Whether using a little to draw the eye to a height or spreading glass tile to your entire wall, the splash of color and light is sure to start many conversations!


In a Child’s’ Room

While this last suggestion doesn’t focus on one type of tile, it is a wonderful idea.  Tile is known for its durability and how easily it can be cleaned.  Both traits make it perfect for a child’s room.  Plus, with so many choices, this is a great way to add interesting color, patterns, or even textures for a child to explore.