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Porcelain Wood Tiles – Nature’s “Other” Wood

For many years, homeowners have loved and appreciated the beauty hardwood floors can bring to a space. Hardwood floors certainly create a lovely look and give a space a warm ambiance, but there are occasions in which it may not be the best choice of flooring material for a space, for a variety of reasons.

As technology has progressed in the porcelain tile industry, a fabulous alternative of glazed, porcelain wood-looking tile has been introduced to the market, bringing with it many wonderful attributes. Below are just a few points that highlight what makes porcelain wood-looking tiles a great alternative to the real thing:

  • Most porcelain “wood” tiles are produced in plank shapes (4 x 24, for example) to replicate traditional planks in wood flooring. Most are produced using a digital glazing technology, which is the most advanced technology in the industry and allows for the creation of very realistic images.
  • Porcelain wood tiles hold up in very rigorous conditions, making it a great option for commercial settings where a wood-like appearance is desired. Natural wood tends to develop wear patterns over time due to heavy foot traffic.
  • Unlike natural wood, porcelain wood tiles are not affected by moisture and can endure being submersed underwater, such as a flooded basement.
  • Porcelain wood tiles never need to be sealed, refinished, or cleaned with special products. The color is permanent.
  • Wood-looking tile flooring is one of the fastest growing segments in overall sales throughout the country. The appeal is generated from consumers realizing that porcelain wood tile is truly a wonderful alternative to the real thing!
Below are a few images of porcelain wood tiles from a few of the manufacturers we represent. Would you have ever guessed these floors are actually porcelain tile if we had not told you first?

Florida Tile – Bershire Series

Mediterranea – American Naturals Series in Rain Barrel

Vallenlunga – Tabula Series in Miele

Overall, porcelain wood tile offers the beauty of natural wood with extra strength and durability. If you’re curious to know more about the benefits of porcelain wood tiles, contact Conestoga Tile for more information. We will be happy to share our knowledge with you.

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