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Organize Your Bathroom!

It can seem like things just collect in your bathroom because of regular use but with a couple of well-learned tips, your room can go from cluttered to chic without much hassle.


First, take stock of what is beneath your sink and go through these products. What you do not need, toss. Find a bathroom caddy that makes sense for the items that you do want to keep. Items that won’t fit on the caddy, such as toilet paper and toilet cleaners, arrange in a style that keeps in mind how often you use
them. Be sure to keep the excess toilet paper closest to the toilet!


Now it’s time to handle your cabinet underneath the sink. This is a place that tends to accumulate clutter, especially because it’s out of sight, out of mind.


Do your bathroom drawers and cupboards appear to be exploding with your everyday bathroom items such as Q-tips and bobby pins? Look for utensil organizers that can easily separate all of your smaller bathroom items in such a way that you always know where to go. Items like hair ties or floss will now always be in the exact same area and but also separated so that you don’t have to think twice when reaching for a product.


Are all of those books and magazines left for guests to peruse while using the toilet cluttering up the counters or rear of the toilet? Consider installing a small magazine holder somewhere convenient for users. You can even use this opportunity to find one that adds to your bathroom’s décor. Now you’ve got a magazine holder that not only serves a purpose but also works double duty as decoration.


And finally, most important of all, be sure to keep up with your bathroom’s organization. Nothing will maintain order more than constant upkeep. Set aside 5 minutes over the weekend to reorganize anything which could be amiss and to clean any messes that might have occurred during the week and your bathroom will stay clean and uncluttered.