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New Product Spotlight: Tides from Florida Tile

In modern architecture and design, it is very difficult to picture an interior that does not include tiles in the design. Porcelain tiles come in a variety of shapes, textures, colors and tones. Regardless of the theme you choose for your interior design, you will have a wide base of tiles to choose from.

Florida TidesTides is a porcelain tile designed to replicate a vein cut stone. The linear structure of the veins in rocks such as limestone, is reproduced by High Definition Porcelain Technology (HDPT), creating a natural looking porcelain tile that is perfect for contemporary interiors.

Coconut Shell FTI28190M12

Coconut Shell FTI28190M12

The natural look of the tiles does not limit the color choice for the interior. Each color can be complemented by a specific vein design from the Tides range of tiles. The designs range from: coconut shell, marine fog, sand castle, sea salt and water edge.

They can also be arranged in different mosaics to create intricate shapes and artistic creations. This can be done on both the floor and walls to create varying moods, depths and themes in different rooms. Tides tiles are approved for installation in wet areas, and they are environmentally friendly since they are made up of 40% recycled material.

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