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Jeffrey Court Tile: A Style You Can Trust

Selecting tile for your home is more than just finding a design that you like. Finding a quality tile manufacturer is equally important when you’re on a quest to find the ideal materials for your home. At Conestoga Tile, we work with quality manufacturers who distribute tile flooring, such as Jeffrey Court Tile.

Jeffrey Court is an innovator of classic mosaic tile designs. Their signature mood glass incorporates a blend of unique crushed glass in various colors. And, the newest designs in their Crossroads collection are a result of three years of intensive research.

The Chapter 7 Crossroads Collection features a unique blend of warm neutral hues, including slate grey and warm beige. The tile is versatile and can be used throughout the home, from the bathroom back-splash tile to a unique arrangement for the entryway.

In addition to glass mosaics, Jeffery Court has a broad selection of natural stone tiles, architectural and decorative moldings, as well as hand-painted ceramic and decorative relief tiles.

Do you  need tile for your home or design project? You can view our quality tiles firsthand at one of our showrooms in Harrisburg, PA; Sterling, VA or Baltimore, MD. Contact us at Conestoga Tile for more information on finding the ideal tile for your home.