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Make a Big Splash in 2014 with These Tile Trends

Stone and ceramic tile are some of the most traditional of home building materials. Still, it is fairly amazing how the manufacturers keep coming up with new variations on this theme. Here are some of the current tile trends to expect in 2014:

Make a Big Splash in 2014 with These Tile Trends

Source: Conestoga Tile

Changing Ratios – While you will always be able to find squares and the usual 2:1 rectangles, tile manufacturers are now offering all sorts of “odd” sizes to satisfy changing consumer tastes. Look for everything from ever-larger tiles to ones with unusual length to width ratios.

New Textures – The newest generation of tile manufacturers are not only experimenting with unusual shapes but also with unusual surfaces. Consumers can now find tiles that undulate, pixelated or even spiked. While these are not really appropriate for the floor, they make excellent wall coverings.

Imprinted Patterns – Tiles are no longer decorated in just solid colors and simple shapes. Intricate patterns can now be painted or printed on them. These tiles are perfect as complements to the more traditional ones.

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