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TrueDEK Classic Bases makes a great level entry shower.

Over the past several years, homeowners, architects, and designers alike have become more aware of the need to design or remodel homes to better meet our physical needs as we age. As we get older, our mobility levels naturally change, which can make navigating a home more difficult. One area of great concern is the bathroom.  TrueDEK Classic Bases solve this problem by provide a level entry shower.

All showers have waterproof shower pans, but these shower pans are typically thick and built in a manner that require a curb in order to keep water in. Stepping over these curbs could cause an aging homeowner to trip and fall, so homeowners have sought out level entry showers as a way to prevent such an accident.  The old-fashioned way to create a level entry shower is to cut into the floor joist to set a pan that would be flush with the main floor. This type of project raises some concerns since many contractors aren’t comfortable with cutting a floor joist, and many newer homes use engineered floor joists, which cannot be cut, so those homeowners can’t have a level entry shower.

Fortunately, TrueDEK Classic Bases make having a level entry shower a possibility for any home. The TrueDEK Classic Base is quite different from other similar products, as it is only 7/8” thick and sits on top of the floor joist – in fact, it can be installed directly onto a 16” o.c. joist system, a wood sub-floor, recessed into concrete, or on top of concrete. This means contractors won’t have to cut into floor joists when installing this shower pan, and that any homeowner will be able to have a beautiful curbless shower. Best of all, the Tuff Form shower pan meets universal design specifications for wheelchair and shower chair users, and others with limited mobility or other special needs.

Level entry showers make bathing easier and safer for people of all ages and ability levels. If you are interested in learning more about how a TrueDEK Classic Base can transform your bathroom, check it out online for more details, or contact Conestoga Tile by emailing – be sure to put a note in the subject line that you’d like more information on level entry showers and that you read about it on our blog.

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