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Incorporate Glass Mosaics With Bellavita Tile Bamboo Planks

There are tiles, and then there are Bellavita Tile bamboo planks. If you are looking to create an Asiatic themed bathroom, then these are most certainly a product you want to consider.

Bellavita Tile Bamboo Planks


Bellavita Tile bamboo planks are custom crafted from natural bamboo. They are durable, resistant to mildew and impacts, and most importantly, they are simply beautiful to behold. This makes them ideal for use as a tile backsplash, wall divider, or as a wall covering.

This tile is available in six different colors and shades. This makes it easy to either blend into an existing decor, or design a new decorating scheme around it. This gives it tremendous versatility and allows you to create the exact ambiance you desire.

As with other tiles, it is a grout-in-place product and it requires only minimal cleaning via damp sponges and warm water to keep it looking beautiful. This makes it a virtually worry free tile that is both eco-friendly and stunning to behold.

Conestoga Tile invites you to contact us to learn more about Bellavita Tile bamboo planks. Contact us today and we will be happy to answer all your questions regarding our products.