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In the Spotlight: Seneca Tiles

Are you ready for one of the most authentic hand-crafted looking tiles made here in the US in your new kitchen?

Seneca Tiles are shaped by hand, and carefully fired in beehive kilns at the company’s headquarters in Attica, Ohio.  Some the iconic kilns currently in operation at Seneca Tiles date back to 1906, when they were built and used by the St. Stephen Tile Company; at that time, the beehive kilns manufactured clay field tile, which was employed to drain the rich farmland all around.

Seneca Tiles -Beehive kiln

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Seneca Tiles’ products reflect the warmth and craftsmanship behind them; the company is the the largest producer of authentically handmade tiles in the U.S., offering a wide variety of rustic, glazed tiles and unglazed paver tiles.  At Conestoga Tile, we’re proud to carry many products manufactured at Seneca Tiles.

Seneca Tiles -countertop

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If you have any questions on Seneca Tiles, visit, or feel free to contact us by phone at 888-415-5689. We’d also love to welcome you in person, at our showrooms in Baltimore MD, Sterling VA, and Harrisburg PA.  Whether you’re an architect, designer, contractor, dealer, or current homeowner, our showrooms are full of new product displays, and staff ready to help.