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How to Place Accent Pillows on a Sofa



Have you ever looked at a professionally decorated home and wondered how the room can look so cohesive?  The magic is in the details.  Many tricks are known to interior designers, and learning these rules of thumb can help direct you as well.

Before details become your focus, however, look at the entire room.  Starting with the floor, decide if the space needs some updates.  Have you always wanted a wood floor but hate the thought of the maintenance that it demands?  We can help you choose the perfect wood-look tile instead.  This material requires very little maintenance but looks incredible.

Next, decide on your furniture.  Can you update your sofa and chairs with throw pillows?  These small items can make all the difference and extend the design life of your furniture.

Start at the end of the sofa and work your way in. Typically, you are going to need two pillows at each end of the sofa. A larger 20”-24” square pillow on the very outside and a slightly smaller (medium) square pillow up against the larger one. Angle both pillows inwards by leaning them against the back of the sofa and the arm. It is a good idea to select a solid fabric for the larger pillow and select a pattern or print that will be placed in front on the smaller pillow. Do not place a solid fabric pillow with another solid fabric pillow, unless the sofa upholstery fabric has a pattern or print.

Save the rectangular, lumbar or bolster pillows for the middle of the sofa. You may use a few, depending on how many seats cushions your sofa has. Place these types of pillows in the center of the seat cushions, starting in the middle and working your way out. These pillows are a good place for bold fabrics, because they are a smaller scale. If you selected a bold pattern for the medium square pillow (keep in mind it is still larger than a lumbar or bolster pillow) choose a less busy print or pattern for the lumbar or bolster pillows.

It is a great idea to mix fabrics with patterns or prints with a textured pillow. Texture adds dimension and gives a similar result as a solid fabric.

If you are unsure how to mix the types of fabrics for the accent pillows follow this rule of thumb:

Use a textured pillow for the large square pillows that lean up against the arm of the sofa.

Select a medium to small print or pattern for the medium sized pillow that leans up against the large square pillow.

Save your bold patterns or print for the center lumbar or bolster pillow. If you are using multiple pillows of these types, select solid fabrics for the other bolster or lumbar pillows that are flanking the center pillow.

Good luck with your decorating magic!