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How to Decorate With Animal Prints



Animal prints used to be considered a very exotic addition to any home décor. They were typically used minimally and only in certain kinds of rooms such as a library or study. A lot has since changed since then!

In 2015 the biggest change is that animal prints are nearly always a reproduction. It’s very rare to encounter an actual animal skin. We now know that endangerment is a serious threat to a species. Another big change is that you might now see animal print in nearly any room in the home. You might even go so far as to call it a neutral, not unlike beige, brown, and black. A third shift in the use of animal print is that it’s now common to see it reproduced in unnatural colors. For example, if you wanted a purple and white zebra blanket for the bedroom, it wouldn’t be very hard to find. This change is perhaps the most fun!

If adding animal print to your home décor sounds exciting but you’re not sure how to get started, this quick reference guide will help you kick off your project like a pro.

Ways to use large print faux Leopard: Black, White, Yellow

  • Navy blue sheets
  • Navy blue walls
  • White pillows
  • Dark brown nightstands
  • Faux leopard bed spread
  • White tile floor

Ways to use traditional ZEBRA print – Black and White

  • Black tile floors
  • Baroque silver bed frame
  • White bedding
  • Grey walls
  • Large zebra accent rug

Ways to use GIRAFFE print: Brown and White

  • Champagne colored four poster bed
  • Bench with tufted, cream-colored cushion at the foot of the bed
  • Dark brown dresser with mirror
  • Green comforter
  • Full length curtains with giraffe print
  • White tile with dark brown area rug

Ways to use TIGER print:  Orange, Black, White

  • Black sleigh bed
  • Big white pillows
  • Dark emerald green walls
  • Dark brown tile floors
  • Tiger bedspread