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Common Mistakes to Avoid when Remodeling a Bathroom

Remodeling your bathroom is a great way to improve both its form and function. However, you have to make sure that you avoid any common bathroom remodeling mistakes, especially when it comes to the use of tile, since this can result in the need for costly repairs.

To make sure you spend wisely, and without mistake, when remodeling a bathroom, here are three common mistakes to avoid:

  • Tile to the ceiling – A mistake many homeowners make is installing shower tile up to the ceiling. While this can look good, sometimes, the issue is that more often than not, ceiling lines in the shower are neither straight nor level – since tile is, they won’t match up.
  • Installing green board behind the tiles – Avoid using a contractor that wants to use green board, which is a water resistant gypsum board, behind the tiles in the shower. This won’t hold up well to moisture, not to mention it’s a poor foundation for any heavier tiles.
  • Using cheap sealant – The grout lines should be sealed with a high- quality sealant. Sealant prevents moisture from penetrating the grout lines and will last much longer.

Mistakes are bound to happen, but hopefully, these tips will help you avoid the most common. For more information on tile and tile installation, contact us at Conestoga Tile for all your tiling needs.

Image Source: houzz