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Bring Tile to the Counter

Durable tile kitchen counters are highly popular with today’s homeowner and for good reason. Whether you seek a classic kitchen or transitional decor complete with stone slabs, you won’t regret tile for your kitchen counter. Here are a few benefits of selecting tile for your kitchen:

  • Durability. Tile is extremely durable and withstands heat and sharp knives.  In this case, use caution since using a knife on your tile kitchen counter will do more harm to the blade than tile.
  • Easy to clean. Tile kitchen counters are versatile and easy to clean. Simply wipe down the tiles and grout with mild soap and water. You should also consider annual resealing for grout and tiles, too, if they are made of stone.
  • Sustainable. If your goal is to create an eco-friendly home, look no further than tiles. Built to last for years, you will surely conserve resources by investing in a tile kitchen counter. You can also purchase sustainable tiles for your kitchen.

If you are considering a tile kitchen counter for your home, visit one of our three showrooms in Baltimore, Maryland; Sterling, Virginia; and Harrisburg, PA. Contact us at Conestoga Tile for more information on tile kitchen counters.