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Electric, In-Floor Heating Brings Warmth to Tile Floors

Much of the nation has experienced a warmer-than-average summer thus far, which makes many homeowners appreciate how cool their tile floors feel under their bare feet on such hot days. However, that coolness isn’t always as appreciated when fall and winter bring much cooler temperatures. Fortunately, in recent years products have appeared on the market that can warm up a tile floor and make it more comfortable to walk upon on a chilly day.

Nuheat’s Standard Mats

Nuheat is Conestoga Tile’s primary supplier of electric, in-floor heating. Electric, in-floor heating is a wonderful attribute for any tiled floor, but especially the bathroom. Nuheat has a variety of electric floor heating systems that will make any tiled surface feel great under foot. Their systems include standard mats in squares and rectangles in over 60 standard sizes, as well as custom mats for rooms with uniquely shaped walls or irregular angles. Nuheat also offers two different programmable thermostats, which feature 7-day programmable settings, and a non-programmable option, too. Other great features about all Nuheat systems are that they are covered by a 25-year warranty and that they are energy-efficient.

While it may be hard to imagine yourself using a product to heat your tile floors when temperatures outside are nearing 100°, an electric, in-floor heating system from Nuheat will offer many benefits to homeowners for many winters and cooler seasons to come, as long as the floor remains tiled. Consider how nice it will be to step onto your bathroom’s tile floor on a chilly morning and the warmth you could instantly feel!

Contact Conestoga Tile today to learn more about Nuheat electric, in-floor heating. We’ll be glad to share more information with you!

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