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Discover a New Look with Mosa Murals

Discover a New Look with Mosa Murals

Source: Houzz

When you’re looking for a fresh design using tile, Mosa Murals are an ideal solution. The Mosa ceramic tiles in the mural collection feature unique textures, patterns, finishes and colors to suit any design. Used as a fireplace surround, kitchen backsplash or wall covering, Mosa Mural tiles create a stunning statement.

A Subtle Nuances — With the Mosa Murals Blend collection, you obtain a unique appearance even when using tiles of the same color. Tiles of different sizes work together effortlessly as color families and tones harmonize across the wall. Mix tile colors for a bold look that’s still pleasing to the eye.

Asymmetric Texture — Create a geometric structured appearance with Mosa Murals Lines collection. The tiles have a recessed, asymmetrical surface that plays with shadow and light to add depth and texture. From a smaller backsplash to an entire wall, Lines tiles are a vivid focal point.

Random Artistry — The ceramic appeal and feel of tiles reaches a new artistic level with the Mosa Change collection. Every tile has its own character and appearance with a controlled but random form and varying glaze layers. Change brings unequaled artistry to any surface.

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