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Decorate like the French



The French know how to decorate with style and class. They have been decorating beautifully for centuries and setting the bar for home décor all around the world. Find out how to decorate like the French and create a classy interior.

Use gold leaf somewhere. This could be a gilded mirror hanging on the wall, or it could be gold leaf on the ceiling. You could also select an accent table or accent chair in a gold finish. Do not go overboard with the gold, simply select one gold item per room.

Hang a chandelier. The chandelier does not need to be fancy, any chandelier will do.  Try using a simple chandelier with a modest amount of embellishments. Hang a chandelier in a bathroom, bedroom or any room that needs some extra class.

Add a French chair to any space, vintage or antique. Types of French chairs are highly ornate Louis XIII through Louis XVI dining or accent chairs, informal bistro chairs, Bergere chairs or upholstered chairs with an upholstered ottoman. French chairs typically have a carved wood frame with an upholstered back and seat. The type of finish on the chair will dictate the level of formality. French chairs are not all formal – less ornate, informal chairs available. Select the right type of chair for your space.

Hang decorative plates on the wall. The plates should be able to relate to the rest of the décor within the room. This type of application is perfect for adding interest to a wall. You can create a look unique to your style by hanging plates with an unexpected layout or a structured pattern. Plate hangers are inexpensive and very easy to install.

Incorporate a trunk into your décor. Trunks are a classically French piece and are also great for storing seasonal items. Accessorize the top of the trunk with photos frames, a vase of flowers and coffee table books or magazines. Trunks are so versatile and functional; they will work in any room!

There is no set type of flooring for this style, but one beautiful option can be found here.