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Continued: Ways to Create Curb Appeal



We have put together a few ideas on how to spruce up your curb appeal! Pick and choose the items that are right for you. This is a continuation of a previous post, so make sure to read both to find all of our suggestions!

Do you have exposed concrete foundations?  This can be disguised by using porcelain outdoor pavers. All of the finishing touches you add to your home will give it admirable curb appeal.

Upgrade your garage door. It looks best when the garage door fits in with the stylings of your exterior. If you have a brightly painted front door, choose a more subdued neutral for the garage door or the same trim color as your house.

Window boxes filled with flowers and greenery spilling out adds an immense amount of charm to any home. These boxes make any home look loved and well cared for. Pansies are a good flower of choice for window boxes. They last year round, even through most winters!

Add seating to the front of your home. This can be a bench or a porch swing or rocking chairs. Just a place to sit instantly adds a welcome feeling for any guest approaching your home.

Plant good smelling herbs by the front door. If you do not have any room in the flower beds, add rosemary and lavender to brightly colored pots and place them near the front door. The pleasant aroma will show how your home is loved. Others will appreciate all the details you have put into creating appealing curb appeal.

Lastly the overall way to improve your curb appeal is to stand back and take a long look. What stands out to you first? Start there and improve the areas that feel unfinished. Look for ways to improve upon what you have to work with. Your whole neighborhood will thank you for it!