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Conestoga Tile’s Product Search Feature

In recent years, many architectural and design firms have opted to reduce the size and space commitments of their in-house product libraries. With that in mind and the understanding that technology can greatly aid in the product research and selection process, Conestoga Tile developed a Product Search feature for the Products section of our website. Making it possible for architects, designers, or anyone to look up product options and make selections without getting up from their desk.

Below are a few facts about our Product Search feature:

  • It contains over 360 pieces of literature in PDF format representing different product series we carry.
  • You can search by manufacturer.
  • You can search by product type, be it ceramic and porcelain, natural stone, glass, metal, or wood.
  • You can search each product type by characteristics such as color, size, finish, style, etc.

When you consider these factors, there are thousands upon thousands of product available within this product search, giving you tons of options to choose from for your next tile project.

If you’re currently gathering product ideas for your next tile project, visit the Conestoga Tile website and give our Product Search feature a try! Of course, you can always contact us at 888-415-5689 or visit one of our showrooms in Baltimore, MD, Sterling, VA, or Harrisburg, PA to learn more about the products we carry. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions!