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Conestoga Tile Supplies Tiles for CityArts Program in Lynchburg, Virginia

In addition to providing homeowners and design industry professionals with the best tile products for their projects, Conestoga Tile is also proud to be involved in community-based projects throughout our region. Today, we would like to share with you about our work with Amazement Square’s CityArts Outreach Program in Lynchburg, Virginia. For a number of years, Conestoga Tile has been supplying tiles manufactured in Germany called Buchtal Chroma II through their U.S.-based operations Deutsche Steinzug America for the project. The tiles for this project (usually ranging in size from 8”x8” to 12”x12”) are broken down into smaller pieces, and then mounted into various mosaics as depicted in the photos that follow.

Our friend from Amazement Square, Sylvia Noles, kindly provided us with the photos, as well as the text below that explains more about the CityArts program.

Since 2005, Amazement Square has been undertaking the 4,800 square foot mosaic mural project on Jefferson Street, directly across from the museum in downtown Lynchburg, Virginia. As part of the CityArts Mentoring Program, this CityArts Mosaic Mural Project aims to give underserved youth and other community members of diverse ages and backgrounds an opportunity to work with artists and arts educators to transform a wall into a monumental mosaic mural that details the ongoing growth of Lynchburg. ​

This year Amazement Square announced the final season of the CityArts Mosaic Mural Project which will complete at the end of October. Together with schools, families, church groups and community volunteers, the CityArts project has worked to create mural depicting the rich history of life along the James River. The final season will see the completion of the last two panels of the mural, featuring the present and future vision of Lynchburg’s ever-evolving riverfront history.

Conestoga Tile is proud to be involved in projects such as this, as they leave a positive impact on the community around us. Visit the Amazement Square website to learn more about the CityArts program.

Images provided by Sylvia Noles, Amazement Square