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Conestoga Tile Showroom: An Interview with Kirsten Love

Are you a new homeowner planning a renovation? Have you been grappling with the prospect of selecting new tile for the kitchen or that chic bathroom? When you need guidance selecting the right tiling for a home, check out how a Conestoga Tile showroom professional like Kirsten Love can guide you to the perfect tiling for your home.

  • When a homeowner visits a Conestoga Tile showroom, what can they expect when they arrive?

    • I always like to start with a friendly welcome.  It can be overwhelming when first walking into the showroom, so it’s important to me that a homeowner feels like they can talk to me.  From there I’ll gather information about the project.  Sometimes it’s best to start by browsing through the selections to get an idea.  The showroom is organized by product and is then broken down into sub-categories (i.e. flooring, backsplash, accents, stone, etc).  After giving a brief explanation of the showroom, many homeowners find it easier to relax because we can generally knock out an area of the showroom, narrowing down the selection.  I also always recommend that if a homeowner is working on multiple spaces, to only work on one at a time.  Trust me; it’ll save a huge headache from happening.

  • You create many different tile installation designs with your clients, what is the process that you go through to develop these designs that become a personal expression of the clients?

    • First I like to gather the overall feel that the homeowner is trying to achieve.  I’m looking for what their style is, what is the preferred size of the tile, and do they have a color scheme in mind?  From there I can pull out tiles that I think will suit the design.  Generally it can take a few options before the final tile is chosen.  Once the main field tile is chosen I like to incorporate an accent.  Depending on the personal preference of the homeowner, this may be glass, stone, metal, or a combination of materials.  From here I’ll draw up design concepts to help the homeowner visualize what the end result will look like.  I like to give a few different options to help the homeowner choose what suits them best.

  • What is it that you love the most about the products (porcelain, natural stone, glass and metal tile) that you sell.

    • I love the sustainable aspect of our tile.  The majority of Conestoga’s product is manufactured with a percentage of recycled material.  I find it very important in design to take our environment into consideration.  Many of our manufacturers have ensured their products to be Green Guard certified and/or Green Squared certified, which help contribute to USGBC (LEED) certification.

  • How should a homeowner prepare for their visit to a Conestoga Tile showroom?

    • I find that the homeowner who does some homework before coming into the showroom usually finds the process easier.  The homework is simple!  Going online or thumbing through design magazines is a great way to figure out what you do and don’t like.  There are so many options when visiting a showroom, it can be overwhelming.  By having done some research and discovering preferences, the visit to the showroom will be more pleasant.  It’s a lot easier to pick items out when you have an idea of what you want or what you don’t want.

  • When is the resale value important in design?

    • Always, but with exceptions!  I have homeowners who plan to sell their home in 2-5 years and others who plan to stay in their home for the next 15-20 years.  Both these homeowners ask me, “what is good for resale?”  I have two different answers because these are two very different scenarios.

      • If you’re planning to sell your home in 2-5 years we’ll want to focus your design on being neutral and not too personal.  I want to ensure that the design is timeless and that many different tastes will work well with the design.  It’s important for the future prospects to be able to see themselves in the design.

      • If you’re planning on staying in your home for the next 15-20 years you have more freedom in the design.  Resale in 15 years is going to be a completely different market than it is today and in the short term.  Imagine yourself now looking at a home that was styled in the late 1980’s.  At the time, the design was trendy, but now it’s blah.  Thus, if you’re in the remodel for the long haul, let’s design the space around you.  Remodeling is a large investment and you want to make sure the design reflects you.

If you would like to learn more about Conestoga Tile, or walk through one of the showrooms located in Baltimore, MD; Sterling, VA or Harrisburg, PA, feel free to contact us at 888.415.5689