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Celebrating a Completed Remodel



After all the hard work is done; all the finagling of schedules, mess making, shopping, building, assembling, and decorating—it’s time to celebrate! Right? Sometimes the toll of the weeks or months of working on home projects comes to a close and you want to move on to normalcy. You want to leave the stress behind, take a deep breath and enjoy the space in your schedule and the ease on your budget—not schedule and plan and pay for a celebration.

Yet celebrating is an important part of life and will help you honor all the time and hard work you poured into your home. It’s an end cap to an important season.

An Intimate Dinner

At minimum, take an evening and bring in or make your favorite foods and drink, light all the candles, play music and toast your selves to a job well done! If you have kids, a fun family event could involve sharing memories, good and bad, of the whole process and dreaming about the fun yet to be had in your new space. Dig out your goals from the new year (maybe dust them off) and imagine life in the months to come.

Extended Family Gathering

Take your celebration to the next level if you have extended family in your city. They’ll love to see the completed space and share a meal with you. Don’t forget to toast!

Big Shin-Dig

If you love to party big, then you don’t need our advice! Get after it with invitations, balloons, fun food and drinks and enjoy the revelry with all your friends and family in your amazing home!

After a big project, even if you only remodeled one or two rooms, you’ll feel a sense of closure and excitement about your next adventure in life after a proper celebration. Soak in all the goodness and pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

If you’ve finished remodeling your home, how did you celebrate? Share with us in the comments!