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Can’t Decide on New Tile? A New Product Mingles Several Classics for a New Look

It is not uncommon for a homeowner to find themselves torn between two, or more, styles or colors of tile. This can make a project very difficult to complete, or even begin, knowing that you want everything to be perfect.

To meet this problem and demand, a new line of tiles have been produced which blends those qualities and colors that you value. Florida Tile’s Mingles is a unique process which brings together the best of travertine, limestone and marble, resulting in incredible color tones and highly resilient tiles for flooring and walls. The tiles are made into high definition porcelain tiles for the best visual appeal possible.

The current line only offers four distinct colors to choose from, including Warm Winter Mix (ivory), Cool Summer Mix (grey), Dry Stream (blue grey), and Soft Rock (patterned beige tones). These four colors are sure to please your starved senses.

Conestoga Tile has showrooms in  Baltimore, MD, Sterling, VA, and Harrisburg, PA for your viewing pleasure. We will be happy to assist you in finding your perfect tile. See for yourself what incredible design and color choices we have for you or call us at 888.415.5689.