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Big And Beautiful – Gauged Porcelain Slabs

The Italian tile manufacturers have done it again.  Always the pioneers in ceramic technology, they have once again developed a porcelain tile that is sure to change the interior and exterior ambiance of the world’s architectural structures.  If you haven’t learned about gauged porcelain slabs yet, please read on.

60″ x 120″ gauged porcelain slab demonstrates the extreme beauty it can can deliver. Pictured: Fiandre Precious Stones Yellow Onyx

Also known as large panel porcelain slabs or large format porcelain slabs, gauged porcelain is loved for its beauty, durability, easy maintenance, and most of all its lack of grout joints and continuous pattern throughout the tile.

If you are relatively new to the concept, large gauged porcelain slabs are exactly how they sound; they are BIG and BEAUTIFUL with sizes as large as 60″ x 120″.

This gorgeous floor and wall tile (and more!!!) option is taking the design industry by storm and allowing home and business owners to create a seemingly beautiful transition within their space. With a stunning, wide selection, you are sure to fall in love with large gauged porcelain. To help you better understand this marvelous, diverse product, we wanted to focus on the top three factors of large gauged porcelain slabs: application, design, and installation. Let’s take a look!

Fiandre Maximum Calacatta Staturario.


Among a variety of benefits, the broad spectrum of areas for application has to be one of large gauged porcelain tile’s top features. Of course, these slabs can be used in the usual places where porcelain tile is typically installed such floors, walls, and backsplashes but it excels in areas you never thought porcelain tile would be found:



  • Countertops – Gauged porcelain slabs can be fabricated to be one continuous (up to 10’) countertop.  Do you dream of calacatta marble countertops but would not dare install it because of the soft nature of the stone and maintenance nightmare?  Gauged porcelain tile slabs are the perfect answer as they are durable, maintenance-free, and gorgeous replications of the most-loved natural stone slabs in the world like calacatta, cararra, onyx, travertine and more. Now, you can finish off your kitchen with stylish countertops that are as sleek as they are durable.

2cm thick qauged porcelain slab for countertops. Durable, beautiful countertops are no longer reliant on natural stone or limited colors of other man-made products. The options can be limitless with gauged porcelain tile. Pictured: Mediterranea Quantum Stone Essential Grey

  • Fireplace Surround – Imagine a fireplace with a gorgeous stone or wood design that reaches from the floor to the ceiling. Gauged porcelain tile lets you extend your design and create a magnificent backdrop for your fireplace.

Durable, fire resistant, stain resistant and beautiful, gauged porcelain slabs are the ideal material for fireplace surrounds. Pictured: Fiandre Maximum Calacatta Elite.

  • Furniture – Cutting-edge furniture designers are using gauged porcelain slabs for creating stunning tabletops, benches, shelving units, doors, cabinets and more.  With clever designs and custom furnishings, the uses for this material seem endless.

    Tables, cabinets, shelving units, gauged porcelain slabs make for furniture that is scratch and stain resistant. Pictured: Fiandre Maximum

  • Sinks and Tubs – Sure, why not?  With some beautiful gauged porcelain tile, a waterproof substrate, a little caulking, and a creative mind,  memorable and desirable sinks and tubs can easily be created.  Not to mention, this chic look can provide your bathroom with the perfect finishing touch.

Gauged porcelain can be used to build unique sinks, tubs and fountains. Pictured: Cotto D’Este Buxy

  • Exterior Cladding  – Due to its many design options, size, durability, fire resistance, and relatively light-weightedness, gauged porcelain tile is appearing on the exterior cladding of some of today’s most prestigious architectural structures. Not only can this product be considered for a façade of a large commercial building but it also has options for the exterior of residential homes as well.

Growing in popularity, gauged porcelain slabs are begining to show up on the exterior of architectural structures across America. Pictured: Fiandre Moon Maximum



As noted above, large gauged porcelain slabs do not fall short when it comes to design options. Manufacturers utilize high-definition digital print technology when glazing the porcelain slabs at the factory.  Although the possibilities for design are unlimited, you will find that many of the tile designers at the manufacturing facilities are often mimicking natural stone, concrete and wood patterns. You can choose from a wide selection of styles, designs, and even textures to meet your style preferences and allow you to create a beautiful masterpiece.

The lotus flowers on this wall are 39″ x 118″ tiles. Pictured: Cotto D’Este Wonderwall Lotus


Pictured: Fiandre Maximum Gold Onyx


Gauged porcelain slabs are not for the DIY project guru. Gauged porcelain slabs need to be handled and installed by trained craftsmen who have the unique tools needed for an installation that will look stunning and last a lifetime.


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Lately, home shows on television have begun introducing gauged porcelain slabs to its viewers and therefore, the product is growing in popularity.  Soon, the new technology will be commonly found within both residential and commercial spaces.  Visit a Conestoga Tile showroom near you and explore the many design and options and be the first one in your neighborhood to have this incredible looking product in your home.