Battle of the Traditional Kitchens - Conestoga Tile

Battle of the Traditional Kitchens






Here are two traditional kitchens, however, one room works better than the other. Find out which kitchen is more successful and the reasons why.

Overall image #1 is the more noteworthy space. The biggest attribute that image #1 has over image #2 is contrast. Contrast is important, it must be done in such a way that contrast within a room is balanced. Too little contrast or too much contrast can cause elements and features to be lost within the space. Having various contrasting elements is key. Image #1 creates contrast by alternating light and dark finishes. The beams are dark but contrast nicely with the light walls. The cabinet’s stains alternate between light and dark as well. The granite has an equal amount of light and dark tones.

Image #2 is lacking enough contrast. Most of the room is light, except for the dark beams and the medium wood stain. The walls, cabinets, backsplash, and granite are all light. Architectural elements and the finish selections all seem to blend together. Since the entire space feels light, the dark beams look heavy, floating on a sea of white. They also make the ceiling feel lower than it is. The beams are heavy because they are the darkest item within the space. Having a wood stained hood, paired with a darker floor (such as this by Florim USA) could solve this problem. Also having a darker, contrasting backsplash (there are plenty of options like Bati Orient’s decorative mosaic tile) would help tie the room together at the middle, by helping to break up the light space that is the walls, cabinets, and backsplash.

In image #1 there is a surprising architectural effect that is taking place at the granite overhang. By incorporating the beautiful granite into the sides of the island, more contrast is made and adds plenty of interest to not only the island, but the entire space. The same dark beams in this image do not feel overwhelming — rather, they seem to be held up by the dark cupboards.

The island in image #2 could be enhanced by adding some moldings to the blank sides of the islands. By doing so this feature of the room would look more finished than it does in its current state!