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Backsplash Trends to Watch in the Coming Year

So common and practical, backsplashes have long been taken for granted in the style arena. However, it may finally start getting the attention it deserves. A new backsplash can take a once-drab space and bring it to decorative life. Here are a few new backsplash trends that can turn up the volume on any tired space.

Stony Splendor: With versatile cuts of all sizes, stone works well with light-and-shadow effects. Depending on how you style it, stone tiles can create a beautiful ambiance for any kitchen.

Elevated Elegance: Once upon a time, backsplash sizes were uniform and predictable. Well, not anymore! You can choose a short backsplash, or even cover a whole wall, for dramatic effect and statement.

Glassy is Classy: Glass tiles are the classic go-to accessory. Low maintenance and increasingly diverse, glass tile is both large and small, coming in neutral or bold colors. There are no limits to the types of glass tile you can choose for a backdrop.

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