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Avoid Common Design Mistakes



When decorating it is easy to become influenced by others. However, this perpetuates design mistakes that have been made for years. Find out what mistakes to avoid making.

Grouping items in pairs is nice in theory, but looks underwhelming. It is actually better to group items is odd numbers as opposed to even numbers. Aim to have items in groups of three or five, as opposed to two or four. When accessorizing, symmetry sounds like the logical solution for balance, however, a slight unbalance is more appealing. Decorate with odd numbers and stand back to see if the accessories look and feel balanced.

Do not make sure everything matches. Having all components within space that somehow match the other items is over stimulating and looks busy. All the elements tend to mesh into one and just become a mess. Items should have their own look and be able to stand on their own, as well as being able to correlate with other elements within a space.

Splitting up collections is never a good idea. Splitting up these items loses the aesthetic value of having a collection. These types of items are like a team – they work well close together as opposed to being spread out. Keep in mind that too many little items look like clutter. Limit collections to one per room and keep the size varied if possible.

Be careful not to over-accessorize. Too many accessories makes a space look cluttered. It is always a good idea to remember the phrase “less is more”. When accessorizing try not to use fake greenery. If you are not able to use real plants, make sure the fake greenery is of very good quality and absolutely looks real.

Above all, make sure that every item you place in your home is something you enjoy!