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Applying Basic Feng Shui Ideas to your Home: Part 2



Have you ever wondered whether Feng Shui concepts could make your home more inviting? Although the practice is complex, many basic ideas drawn from the practice can be useful tools as you consider improving or renovating your space.

One interesting idea is the issue of chi, or good energy. In Feng Shui practice, sharp corners and edges create a room with negative energy. Softer curves are needed to counteract that and support good natural energy. If you spend time in a reception area or waiting room, often the space feels cold and unfriendly. The use of sharp chairs with no cushions and no accessories to soften corners and edges creates a feeling of harshness. A few plants and curvy lines can warm up a space.

In your home, do you have rooms that people seem drawn to and other spaces that generally stay empty during a party? Take a look at them with the concept of sharp edges and exposed corners in mind. Would some curves make a space more inviting? What do you see in your popular rooms that demonstrates this balance of hard and soft? This is a different way to look at your space. Take more than a few minutes to look around and determine what you want to do to make your rooms more welcoming and bring that good energy into your space.

Every new way of thinking about decorating your space can open up new ideas and ways of thinking. This is just one of many tools you can experiment with to enlarge your skill base and improve both the d├ęcor and the feeling of your home space.