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Add a Fresh Style with Galaxy Tile by Florim USA

Florim USA tile has developed a product that is as stunning as it is durable. Whether you set it in the foyer or use it in the bathroom, Galaxy Tile by Florim USA brings the room to life and gives it a truly modern and stylish look and feel.

The tile itself is made of porcelain. Using advanced graphics techniques, the natural and semi-polished finishes are designed to look remarkable within any environment. Further, they are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes which makes incorporating them into existing designs a very simple and straightforward process.

Most importantly, the material is impervious to water and it is easy to maintain. It is resistant to germs/bacteria, won’t fade, and has been designed to stand up to as much foot traffic as you can throw at it. This makes it ideal for use within homes and businesses alike. And, since it is made of porcelain you can relax knowing that it is an environmentally friendly tile that a little soap and water will clean up.

Galaxy Tile by Florium USA

Galaxy Tile by Florim USA

Conestoga Tile is proud to offer Florim USA tile to our clients. To learn more, we invite you to contact us at 888-415-5689 to learn more about this beautiful product.