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4 Facts About Kerdi-Board

Recently, building products manufacturer, Schluter Systems, introduced an innovative new product called Kerdi-Board.  The new product is a significant step forward in building products for several reasons.

Image via Shutterstock.

Image via Shutterstock.


  • Product Assortment – The entire product line is designed to fit almost anywhere including “esses” and other curves plus L- and U-shaped spaces. The grooved design of the panels makes installation quick and easy with a magnificent finish.
  • Range of Applications – Kerdi-Board can be installed over masonry, cement, standard or metal studs and is an excellent option for shower and tub surrounds. The product is also sturdy enough for stand-alone applications such as partition walls.
  • Internal Properties – Kerdi-Board is made from a hard foam interior covered with a cement-free reinforcement layer and a fleece webbing overlay. The finished product is waterproof, temperature-resistant, and dimensionally stable. In short, it is light, strong and durable.
  •  Ease of Installation – With a variety of specialized hardware and fittings, Kerdi-Board is easily fitted to almost any space.

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